Sara Nuta

Documenting the Musical Heritage of the Bronx Sara Nuta (GGFUP, 2017, Location: New York City) MISSION STATEMENT: My mission for this fellowship is to apply the urban theories and research I’ve done in the classroom to a real neighborhood in order to learn more about the ways cities work and the people who inhabit them. I also […]

Building windows that read "This is Bronx Music."

Imani Edwards

Preserving Marginalized Histories Imani Edwards (GGFUP, 2017, Location: New York City) I love black history and I especially love movements meant to empower black people….I have been made aware of…how, African American history may be seen as “old” when compared to that of new migrants. I wonder if African American history and culture can flourish alongside the […]

Lady standing next to a wall filled with writing.

Victoria Carter

El Patio Maravillas, La Ingobernable, and Occupied Madrid Victoria Carter (GGFUP, 2017, Location: Madrid) Last Saturday, 8th July, El Patio died. The organisation was ‘killed’ with a two day party in Malasaña. In the style which befits the organisation, the party was spread, slightly shambolically over two nights and filled with friends made over the last 10 […]