Bronze statue of a lady garnished with an apron and cleaning supplies.

Bremda Acosta

Research on Madrid’s Network of Domestic Work Organizations Bremda Acosta (GGFUP, 2017, Location: Madrid) There are several bronze “urban statues” around Madrid, especially in the neighborhood of Malasaña, that depict ordinary people doing everyday things. There are many statues such as “the reader,” “the young woman walking” and “the student from Malasaña.” Some people have confessed […]

Lady speaking into a recorder reading off of a paper.


SEDOAC: Servicio Doméstico Activo Maria Fernanda Cepeda (GGFUP, 2015, Location: Madrid) Maria Fernanda Cepeda worked with SEDOAC (Servicio Domestico Activo) in Madrid on a research project intended to emphasize the transnational practices of organizing domestic workers worldwide. Cepeda provided day-to-day support and translation services for SEDOAC and worked alongside SEDOAC members to learn about the […]