Lady standing next to a wall filled with writing.

Victoria Carter

El Patio Maravillas, La Ingobernable, and Occupied Madrid Victoria Carter (GGFUP, 2017, Location: Madrid) Last Saturday, 8th July, El Patio died. The organisation was ‘killed’ with a two day party in Malasaña. In the style which befits the organisation, the party was spread, slightly shambolically over two nights and filled with friends made over the last 10 […]

A infographic displaying economic activity in Arganzuela.

Sophie Maes

Space and Place in Madrid’s Neighborhoods Sophie Maes (GGFUP, 2017, Location: Madrid) Mapping is a central component in Paisaje Transversal’s work. Each diagnostic they produce relies on a series of maps which visualize geographic and statistical data. These visualizations help them to pinpoint neighborhood vulnerabilities, and socioeconomic and spatial patterns that may emerge throughout a district. […]