Map of Oakland in Alameda County, California.

Rachel Stern

Rooted in Resilience Rachel Stern (GGFUP, 2017, Location: Oakland) Climate change, sea level rise, extreme weather patterns–these are all realities that we, especially us in coastal cities, face and will continue to face with . The environment does not stand alone as a topic and it is crucial to consider the land, sea, rivers, and other […]

Map of Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

A Grassroots Model for Climate Resiliency

A Grassroots Model for Climate Resiliency Sophie Lasoff (GGFUP, 2014, Location: New York City) In this project, Sophie Lasoff explores the implementation of a social resiliency strategy by the environmental advocacy organization UPROSE in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  A historically working-class and ethnically diverse community, Sunset Park faces not only the threat of climate change, but […]

A house with a brown roof behind a large field of green grass.

Green Berliners

Green Berliners: The Role of Religion and Nationality in the Sustainable Practices of Berlin’s Ethnic Germans and Turkish Muslim Migrants Robert Clinton (GGFUP, 2015, Location: Berlin) Robert Clinton’s project was to assess whether Germany’s environmental policy, which can appear to have only secular underpinnings because it is state-sponsored, can be traced to Christian tradition. He is interested […]