Here you can browse through fellows’ projects past and present. Fellows make use of mapping, data visualization, audio and video interviews, and storytelling to investigate the research questions presented to them by their community partners. Often, the projects that result from this work used by community partners as a resource for advocacy, documentation, and data.


Christopher Polack, New York City

Faizah Barlas, New York City

David Puente, Madrid

Maria Jesus Mora, Madrid

Jakiyah Bradley, Berlin

Kevin Zambrano, Chicago

Shanti Escalamte-De Mattei, Jackson


Vaclav Masek, Madrid

Siobhan Allen, Madrid

Kate Philipson, Chicago

Dylan Garcia, New York

Jesse Bernhart, New York

Stephanie Rountree, New York

Sarah Aita, New York

Mariyamou Drammeh, New York


Victoria Carter, Madrid

Bremda Acosta, Madrid

Sophie Maes, Madrid

Jonathan Marty, Chicago

Rachel Stern, Oakland

Imani Edwards, New York

Anamika Jain, New York

Sara Nuta, New York

Arielle Hersh, New York


Radical Affect: The Podcast (Sarah Halford, Berlin)

Arte Puede (Emily Bellor, Madrid)

Porteñomanteau (Chloe Grey Smith, Buenos Aires)


Creating Community: The relationship of history, creativity, and community development on Kelly Street (Taylor Brock, New York)

Green Berliners: The Role of Religion and Nationality in the Sustainable Practices of Berlin’s Ethnic Germans and Turkish Muslim Immigrants (Robert Clinton, Berlin)

SEMillas: Sembrano un Ecosistema en Madrid (Erin Johnson, Madrid)


A Grassroots Model for Climate Resiliency (Sophie Lasoff, New York)

Tempelhof Field (Idan Sasson, Berlin)

Prinzessinnengarten (Henry Topper, Berlin)