New York City

New York City is our original home and, as such, it is where the Gallatin Global Fellowship in Urban Practice has its deepest presence.  From immigrant rights to housing to cultural preservation, New York City-based fellows produce substantive research that finds its way into newspaper and blog articles, white papers, grant proposals, and public exhibits.


Christopher Polack (2019)

Mariyamou Drammeh (2018)

Sarah Aita (2018)

Stephanie Rountree (2018)

Jesse Bernhart (2018)

Dylan Garcia (2018)

Arielle Hersh (2017)

Imani Edwards (2017)

Anamika Jain (2017)

Documenting the Musical Heritage of the Bronx (2017)

Creating Community (2015)

A Grassroots Model for Climate Resiliency (2014)

Community Partners

African Communities Together

The Loisaida Center


Southside United HDFC (Los Sures)

Bronx Music Heritage Center

City Lore

Right To The City (RTTC)