Map of Oakland in Alameda County, California.

Rachel Stern

Rooted in Resilience Rachel Stern (GGFUP, 2017, Location: Oakland) Climate change, sea level rise, extreme weather patterns–these are all realities that we, especially us in coastal cities, face and will continue to face with . The environment does not stand alone as a topic and it is crucial to consider the land, sea, rivers, and other […]

An urban garden space full of green plants, tables, and chairs.


Prinzessinnengarten: Urban Space, Gentrification, and the Mythology of Alternativism in the New Berlin Henry Topper (GGFUP, 2014, Location: Berlin) In the early 2000s, Berlin spearheaded a branding campaign that would entice both the creative class and investors to reinvigorate the “poor but sexy” city.  Henry Topper argues that the reclamation of abandoned spaces for alternative […]

A row of plants.


SEMillas: Sembrando un Ecosistema en Madrid (Seeding an Ecosystem in Madrid) Erin Johnson (GGFUP, 2015, Location: Madrid) Erin Johnson spent the summer of 2015 in Madrid, Spain with the group Paisaje Transversal. She conducted on-the-ground research exploring the relationships between the recent and widespread emergence of huertos urbanos (urban agriculture) and other groups that emerged […]

Painting of a woman with dark skin displayed in a sunny green garden.

Creating Community

Creating Community: The relationship of history, creativity, and community development on Kelly Street Taylor Brock (GGFUP, 2015, Location: New York City) Taylor Brock worked as an artist assistant at The Laundromat Project in New York. She was assigned to assist gardener and artist Rosalba Ramirez in the Kelly Street Garden in the South Bronx. At […]