Map of Oakland in Alameda County, California.

Rachel Stern

Rooted in Resilience Rachel Stern (GGFUP, 2017, Location: Oakland) Climate change, sea level rise, extreme weather patterns–these are all realities that we, especially us in coastal cities, face and will continue to face with . The environment does not stand alone as a topic and it is crucial to consider the land, sea, rivers, and other […]

Sign reading "God Almighty International Ministry" outside a city building.

Arielle Hersh

Planning for the Next South Bronx Arielle Hersh (GGFUP, 2017, Location: New York City) In the context of Southern Boulevard and the CDNA process, there is a compelling parallel to demanding a shared right to the city. Specifically, that right is predicated on the actions of DCP thus far in the area, where they have initiated a […]

Map of Van Cortlandt Park.

Anamika Jain

A Right to the City Anamika Jain (GGFUP, 2017, Location: New York City) My research is about alternative land and housing models, and such models are built on the foundational principles of the right to the city, such as participatory democracy and, in [David] Harvey’s own words, “democratic control over the production and utilization of the surplus”. […]

Lady standing next to a wall filled with writing.

Victoria Carter

El Patio Maravillas, La Ingobernable, and Occupied Madrid Victoria Carter (GGFUP, 2017, Location: Madrid) Last Saturday, 8th July, El Patio died. The organisation was ‘killed’ with a two day party in Malasaña. In the style which befits the organisation, the party was spread, slightly shambolically over two nights and filled with friends made over the last 10 […]

A infographic displaying economic activity in Arganzuela.

Sophie Maes

Space and Place in Madrid’s Neighborhoods Sophie Maes (GGFUP, 2017, Location: Madrid) Mapping is a central component in Paisaje Transversal’s work. Each diagnostic they produce relies on a series of maps which visualize geographic and statistical data. These visualizations help them to pinpoint neighborhood vulnerabilities, and socioeconomic and spatial patterns that may emerge throughout a district. […]

Map of Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

A Grassroots Model for Climate Resiliency

A Grassroots Model for Climate Resiliency Sophie Lasoff (GGFUP, 2014, Location: New York City) In this project, Sophie Lasoff explores the implementation of a social resiliency strategy by the environmental advocacy organization UPROSE in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  A historically working-class and ethnically diverse community, Sunset Park faces not only the threat of climate change, but […]