CSHO faculty member Dr. Susan AntonDepartment Chair; Professor of Anthropology

 Ph.D. 1994; M.A. 1991; B.A. 1987, University of California, Berkeley

Email: susan.anton@nyu.edu

Phone: 212-992-9786

curriculum vitae

Office: 905

Laboratory for Human Evolutionary Studies (LHES)


Research Interests

  • physical anthropology
  • skeletal biology
  • evolution of genus Homo
  • development and life history patterns
  • field programs in Asia and the Pacific
  • evolutionary morphology
  • human osteology and anatomy
  • growth
  • dispersal


Other Affiliations

Professor, NYU Department of Anthropology

Director, MA program in Human Skeletal Biology

President, American Association of Physical Anthropologists

Faculty, New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology

Associate Editor, Journal of Human Evolution


Current Projects

Koobi Fora Research Project

Bones and Behavior Working Group


Select Publications

[ Academia | ResearchGate ]

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Updated: June 12, 2017