CSHO faculty member Dr. Pam CrabtreeAssociate Professor of Anthropology

Ph.D. 1982; M.A. 1975, University of Pennsylvania; B.A. 1972, Barnard College

Email: pc4@nyu.edu

Phone: 212-998-8573

curriculum vitae

 Office: 308

Zooarchaeology Laboratory



Research Interests

  • zooarchaeology
  • later Prehistoric Europe
  • medieval archaeology
  • Near Eastern archaeology and prehistory


Other Affiliations

Associate Professor, NYU Department of Anthropology

Treasurer, Executive and International Committee Member, International Council for Archaeozoology

Affiliated Faculty, NYU Institute for the Study of the Ancient World

Affiliated Faculty, NYU Medieval and Renaissance Center

Faculty Member, NYU Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies

Core Faculty, MA in Human Skeletal Biology


Current Research

Burcht 1 and 3 sites, Belgium

Dún Ailinne, Ireland

Provisioning Ipswich, United Kingdom

Kinik Höyük, Turkey

Kyzyltepe, Uzbekistan 

NYU Amheida Excavations, Egypt

Shengavit Archaeological Project, Armenia

Tepecik-Çiftlik, Turkey


Selected Publications

[ Academia | ResearchGate ]

Crabtree, P.J. 2016. Zooarchaeology in Oceania: An OverviewArchaeology in Oceania 51(1): 1-6.

Crabtree, P.J. & Campana, D.V. 2015. Wool production, wealth, and trade in Middle Saxon England, in B.S. Arbuckle & S.A. McCarty (Eds.) Animals and Inequality in the Ancient World, pp. 337-353. Boulder: University of Colorado Press.

Crabtree, P.J. 2015. Urban-Rural Interactions in East Anglia: the Evidence from Zooarchaeology, in A. Wilkin, J. Naylor, D. Keene, & A.-J. Bijsterveld (Eds.) Dynamic Interactions: Town and Countryside in Northwestern Europe in the Middle Ages, The Medieval Countryside 11,  pp. 35-48. Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols.

Crabtree, P.J. & Campana, D.V. 2014. Animal Bone, in A. Tester, S. Anderson, I. Riddler, & B. Carr (Eds.) Brandon, Staunch Meadow, Suffolk: A High Status Middle Saxon Settlement on the Fen Edge, East Anglian Archaeology 151, pp. 296-312. Bury St. Edmunds, UK: Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service.

Crabtree, P.J. & Campana, D.V. 2014. Animal use at medieval Kinik Höyük, a 12th-13th century site in Southern Cappadocia, Turkey, in S.D. Stull (Ed.) From West to East: Current Approaches to Medieval Archaeology, pp. 162-169. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars.

Johnston, S.A., Crabtree, P.J., & Campana, D.V. 2014. Performance, place, and power at Dún Ailinne, a ceremonial site of the Irish Iron Age. World Archaeology 46(2): 206-223.

Crabtree, P.J. 2014. Animal husbandry and farming in East Anglia from the 5th to the 10th centuries CE. Quaternary International 346: 102-108.

Crabtree, P.J. 2013. A note on the role of dogs in Anglo-Saxon society: evidence from East Anglia. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 25(6): 976-980.

Campana, M.G., Bower, M.A., & Crabtree, P.J. 2013. Ancient DNA for the Archaeologist: the Future of African Research. African Archaeological Review 30: 21-37.

Crabtree, P.J. 2012. Middle Saxon Animal Husbandry in East Anglia. East Anglian Archaeology, 143. Norfolk, UK: East Anglian Archaeology.

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Crabtree, P.J. 2010. Agricultural Innovation and Socio-economic Change in Early Medieval Europe: Evidence from Britain and France. World Archaeology 42(1): 122-136.

Johnston, S.A., Campana, D.V., & Crabtree, P.J. 2009. A Geophysical Survey at Dún Ailinne, County Kildare, Ireland. Journal of Field Archaeology 34(4): 385-402.


Updated on June 12, 2017