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Director:  Dr. James Higham


Phone:  212-992-7477

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The aim of the Primate Reproductive Ecology and Evolution group is to study genetical, morphological, physiological and behavioral aspects of primate reproductive strategies as shaped by sexual selection. Following Darwin, the research is structured around two related processes: the ways in which individuals compete with members of the same sex both directly and indirectly over reproductive opportunities (intra-sexual selection); and the ways in which individuals attract members of the opposite sex (inter-sexual selection). The methods used in the lab include techniques from ethology, physical anthropology, evolutionary biology, computer vision and machine learning, experimental and comparative psychology, endocrinology and immunology, and quantitative and functional genetics.


Equipment and Resources

Within the Primate Reproductive Ecology and Evolution group is a wet lab – the Primate Hormones and Behavior (PHaB) Lab. This is an enzyme immuno-assay laboratory that measures primate hormonal and immunological analytes, often measured as metabolites from excreta (feces and urine). 


Research Projects

Rhesus Macaques on Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico (Dr. James Higham)

Evolution of Guenon Face Patterns (Dr. James Higham)


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