Spring 2018

Gilliane Monnier, University of Minnesota
Thursday, February 15 at 5pm
“Advanced behaviors in Neanderthals and early modern humans? Insights from stone tool residue analysis.”
Kriser Room, NYU Department of Anthropology, 1st Floor, 25 Waverly Place

Kevin Uno, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University
Thursday, March 1 at 5pm
“Seeing the grasses through the trees: Reconstructing Neogene vegetation from isotopes and molecular distributions of plant waxes.”
5 Washington Place, Room 101

Mary Blair, American Museum of Natural History
Thursday, March 29 at 5pm
“How does evolutionary primatology inform conservation? From wildlife trade to climate change.”
5 Washington Place, Room 101

The Ranieri Colloquium
Understanding the Origins of the Arts: Expressive Culture of Early Homo sapiens
Thursday-Friday, April 26-27
NYU Silver Center for Arts and Science
Hemmerdinger Hall, 31 Washington Place

David Pilbeam, Harvard University
Thursday, May 3 at 5pm
“A long story: Miocene faunas and faunal change in the Siwaliks of Pakistan.”
5 Washington Place, Room 101