CSHO faculy member Dr. Cliff JollyProfessor Emeritus of Anthropology

Ph.D. 1964; B.A. 1960, University College London

Email:  clifford.jolly@nyu.edu

Phone:  212-998- 8574

Office: 711

Molecular Anthropology Laboratory




Research Interests

  • primatology
  • population genetics and speciation
  • serology
  • physical anthropology
  • East Africa and Asia


Other Affiliations

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, NYU Department of Anthropology

Core Faculty, MA in Human Skeletal Biology


Selected Publications

[ Academia | ResearchGate ]

Burrell, A.S., Jolly, C.J., Tosi, A.J., & Disotell, T.R. 2009. Mitochondrial evidence for the hybrid origin of the kipunji, Rungwecebus kipunji (Primates: Papionini). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution  51(2): 340-348.

Jolly, C.J. 2009. Fifty years of looking at human evolution: backward, forward, and sideways. Current Anthropology 50(2): 187-199.

Bergman, T.J., Phillips-Conroy, J.E., & Jolly, C.J. 2008.  Behavioral variation and reproductive success of male baboons (Papio anubis x Papio hamadryas) in a hybrid social group. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 70(2): 136-147.

Jolly, C.J. 2007. Baboons, mandrills, and mangabeys: Afro-papionin socioecology in a phylogenetic perspective, in C.J. Campbell, A. Fuentes, K.C. MacKinnon, & S.K. Bearder (Eds.) Primates in Perspective, pp. 240-251. New York: Oxford Univ Press.

Jolly, C.J. & Phillips-Conroy, J.E. 2006. Testicular size, developmental trajectories, and male life history strategies in four baboon taxa, in L. Swedell & S.R. Leigh (Eds.) Reproduction and Fitness in Baboons: Behavioral, Ecological, and Life History Perspectives, pp. 257-275. New York: Springer.

Uddin, M.,  Philips-Conroy,  J.E., & Jolly, C.J. 2006. Social organization, reproductive systems, and mediation of baboon endogenous virus (BaEV) copy number in gelada, hamadryas, and other Papio baboons, in L. Swedell & S.R. Leigh (Eds.) Reproduction and Fitness in Baboons: Behavioral, Ecological, and Life History Perspectives, pp. 123-143. New York: Springer.

Detwiler, K.M., Burrell, A.S., & Jolly, C.J. 2005. Conservation implications of hybridization in African cercopithecine monkeys. International Journal of Primatology 26(3): 661-684.

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Jolly, C.J. & Phillips-Conroy, J.E. 2003. Testicular size, mating system, and maturation schedules in wild anubis and hamadryas baboons. International Journal of Primatology 24(1): 125-142.

Jolly, C.J., Phillips-Conroy, J.E., & Mueller, A.E. 2003. Trapping primates, in J.M. Setchell & D.J. Curtis (Eds.) Field and Laboratory Methods in Primatology: A Practical Guide, pp.110-121. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Banks, W.A., Phillips-Conroy, J.E., Jolly, C.J., & Morley, J.E. 2001. Serum leptin levels in wild and captive populations of baboons (Papio): Implications for the ancestral role of leptin. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 86(9): 4315-4320.

Jolly, C.J. 2001. A proper study for mankind: Analogies from the Papionin monkeys and their implications for human evolution. Yearbook of Physical Anthropology: 177-204.




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