NYU Florence Hosts Event on Feminism & Intersectionality in the Arts

On Thursday October 11, NYU Florence will host an event on Feminism & Intersectionality in the Arts.

Feminist theory has been criticized for failing to consider the intersections among patriarchy and other forms of inequality in social and political relations. The term intersectionality arose out of critical race theory to propose an analysis of “relationships among multiple dimensions and modalities of social relations and subject formations” (Kimberlé Crenshaw). Expanding on the conversation started last year in the conference Resetting the Table: A Symposium on Feminist Art and Herstory we will explore the intersections of feminism with various other fluid and multidimensional markers and aspects of identity—including race, class, and gender identity – in approaches to art history, curating and practice, and the opening of opportunity in other institutional cultural spaces. We will begin with a discussion of the legal theory of intersectionality with NYU Law Professor Paulette Caldwell followed by a discussion with art historians Kalia Brooks and Maria Antonia Rinaldi,  curator of the Elizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum Carmen Hermo and artists Patricia Cronin and Lerato Shadi.