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NYU Sydney Students Visit Local Initiative with Global Equity Fellow

On December 6, 2018, NYU Sydney’s Global Equity Fellow, Juliana Maia led a group of students to Summer Hill to visit the Four Brave Woman initiative.

Four Brave Woman is a project that works to empower refugees by providing a commercial kitchen and seating area for use as a restaurant. Refugees are invited to spend eight weeks at the location cooking for paying customers and managing daily operations.

Customers are invited to enjoy lunch or dinner six days a week. At the end of each eight week period the goal is for participants to gain enough experience and capital to establish their own business. Juliana and her friends were treated to a wonderful Iraqi meal followed by an opportunity to talk with their hosts and staff. During this conversation the students learned that the Four Brave Women initiative is receiving international recognition for its work and requests to sponsor similar initiatives in other parts of the globe. It was a great afternoon for our students and hands-on experiences are a great reminder of the value of the Global Equity Fellowship at NYU Sydney.

At NYU Sydney Global Equity Fellows are encouraged to provide opportunities for their peers
to not only explore individual identity but to also explore the lived experiences of individuals within the local community. By connecting with members of the Australian public, students can learn about the aspects of identity that are salient for people living in another part of the world. Opportunities for students to learn about the interplay between national identity and other aspects of social identity are characteristic of the invaluable learning that occurs when students study away.

NYU Washington, DC Considers how the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Can be Resolved

On January 24, NYU Washington, DC will host an event featuring a discussion between Speaker of the Fifteenth Knesset and NYU AD Visiting Professor, Avrum Burg, and President and Co-Founder of the Arab American Institute and NYU Visiting Scholar, James Zogby, who will delve into some of the conflict’s issues surrounding border settlements and security, refugees, and the place that started it all, Jerusalem.

Continued political divide, negotiation stagnation, and unwavering distrust are only some of the many obstacles in the festering conflict between Israel and Palestine. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have not reached a deal, nor does this seem to be likely in the near future.

In what some call the post-Oslo era, can this conflict be resolved without US intervention? Does the current administration’s neglect of new measures to continue propagating “land for peace” unveil the US’s future role? What is the best solution to this conflict?

New Study Away Program in Los Angeles

Over the past year, faculty from five schools (Abu Dhabi, Gallatin, Steinhardt, Stern, and Tisch) have collaborated on the development of a new type of study away program in Los Angeles, which will open in Fall 2019. The new program, which builds on one that Tisch has been running since 2015, will give undergraduates who may be planning for careers in the entertainment and media industries the opportunity to gain professional experience (via an internship or other experiential opportunity) while maintaining a full course load. Initially, the program will offer a tightly focused set of about 10 courses per term. More information is available here.

NYU Abu Dhabi Exhibits In-House Visual Design Work by Students and Faculty

Design Works offers an overview of the body of in-house visual design work by students and faculty at NYU Abu Dhabi from 2012 to present.

Visual design practice entered the curriculum of the university in January 2012 with the offering of an elective course named Designing Abu Dhabi.

The course resulted in a cohort of students who embraced the beauty and complexity of visual communication theories and practices. Following the conclusion of the course, they formed the Design Collective, an autonomous group with the objective of implementing good design practice within NYUAD. Their efforts played a major role in setting our visual identity in the city.

In-house design supported the institution’s needs in outstanding ways to help the University to define its mission and vision. The creation of an English/Arabic logotype designed by one of the students stands out as a prime example.

“Some of their work is gone for good but many of their best designs are here. And they are here to stay: every time we welcome new students at Marhaba Week, every time we cheer for our Athletics teams, every time our seniors get to hold the silver Torch on Commencement day, the relevance of in-house visual design is apparent. Important conversations on branding, wayfinding and accessibility stemmed out of the discourse around design, and as we continue to grow, these topics will become more and more impactful. It is our hope that this show will inspire new students to continue the work of their predecessors for many years to come.”

– Design professor Goffredo Puccetti
This post comes to us from NYU Abu Dhabi and can be found here.