The site of Shengavit is located on the Ararat Plan within the modern city of Yerevan in Armenia. Sporadic excavations since 1938 have found evidence of site use from the late 5th millennium to the early 3rd millennium, of which the most important levels at the site are those associated with the Early Bronze Age Kura-Araks culture. Recent excavations have uncovered not only a number of buildings, but also a variety of material culture indicating that the site served as some type of small center to the surrounding area.  In collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Piro, Dr. Crabtree is analyzing the faunal remains that were recovered at the site between 2009 and 2012 under the direction of Prof. Mitchell Rothman of Widener University. These analyses, along with other studies of the material from the site, will not only help archaeologists understand the social, economic, political and religiou organization of Shengavit ad S. Armenia, but also provide insight into the routes of early Transcaucasian migrants.

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