NYU Docs/Drive

This summer, NYU Information Technology Services (ITS) added NYU Drive as an enhancement to NYU Docs. Now known as “NYU Docs/Drive,” you can still create and collaborate using this service in the same way you did before. In fact, organizing your documents is even easier and storage has increased to 5GB. More →

The Digital Studio: NYU’s Front Door for Technology and Scholarship

The Digital Studio, a collaboration of NYU Libraries and Information Technology Services, is located on the fifth floor of Bobst Library in an area known as the Research Commons. The Digital Studio offers a wide range of services in support of research and instruction, including video and audio capture; production and publication; live audio and video capture; and photo, slide, and text scanning. More →

Stay on Top of Things with Custom NYU E-mail Inboxes & NYU Calendar Reminders

Last May, ITS rolled out NYU Google Apps for Education, a rich set of web-based applications to facilitate research, teaching, learning, collaboration, and University business. New features continue to be released on a regular basis—read on for a few tips and tricks to help you stay organized and on time with NYU E-mail, Calendar, and other NYU Google Apps. More →

How to do 11 Years of Work in Under 10 Days

On May 21, 2011, NYU successfully delivered Google Apps for Education to all students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Negotiating a contract that ensured the NYU community’s privacy, security, legal compliance, and business continuity took years to hammer out, but the massive migration project was accomplished in a mere four months! More →

Launching Google Apps for Education

The Google Migration project kicked-off in January 2011 and was completed four months later, in May. The foundation for this success was a terrific team, and many good choices made along the way. Following are three key decisions that I believe made it possible for us to pull off such a large project in such a short timeframe. More →

Guidance for Privacy and Security in NYU Google Apps for Education

As the amount of sensitive data we store online in services like NYU Google Apps for Education increases, safeguarding privacy and security is of ever-greater importance. University community members need to be aware of the policies regarding and guidelines designed to help safeguard your personal information. More →