The staRt team is delighted to release a screencast tour of new features that have been added since our last update. Recently added functions include a tutorial for new users, options to set user profiles and enter user-specific settings, and a routine to practice /r/ at the word level.


Click the image to view screencast video on youtube

Now, some bumps in the road to releasing the app: remember that staRt is being developed by a team of enthusiastic but underpaid student programmers. We brought a consultant on board to evaluate the app, and his professional opinion was that the code base should be restructured before the app can be stably deployed across multiple devices. The upshot is that we are postponing the pilot release of the app until approximately the end of summer 2016. The good news is that we have a team assembled that is ready and able to tackle this problem, and we look forward to giving you positive updates in the near future.

Thanks as always for your interest in and support of the staRt app!

4 thoughts on “Screencast tour of staRt app, 4/4/16

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted! It wasn’t so long ago that I was an underpaid student, so I get the challenges you guys have faced!
    Thanks for this wonderful work – this may very well revolutionize /r/ therapy!

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