staRt app version 2.0 release!

BITS Lab @ NYU and Girlfriends Labs LLC are extremely excited to release Version 2.0 of the staRt app (Speech Therapist’s App for /r/ Treatment). The new version has several added features, including options for increasing practice difficulty and reinforcements for accurate performance. This announcement also serves as a reminder that we are actively recruiting clinical partners to assist with our pilot study formally testing the efficacy of app-based treatment, which is described in the linked master schedule and clinician checklist documents. In order to increase the number of participating clinicians, we are now able to offer a $100 honorarium to offset some of the time you may spend on non-treatment activities like completing background questionnaires and uploading files to our server. If you are interested in learning more about participating as a formal pilot tester, please reach out to us at! Feel free to spread the word to any colleagues who might be interested.

Thanks, and please let us know if you have any feedback!
If you have already downloaded a version of the staRt app, you can access Version 2.0 by logging in to the TestFlight app and following prompts to install the new version. If you have not previously downloaded the staRt app, email to get started.