Capturing a Face: Bjork, Masks, and 3D Scanning at LaGuardia Studio

Icelandic musician Bjork has long been interested in the intersection of technology and nature and is an enthusiastic early adopter of emerging technology, while MIT’s Neri Oxman’s specialty is designing 3D printed objects using innovative materials that relate to and are designed by biology, based on scans of Bjork done at NYU’s LaGuardia Studio. More →

Creativity at the LaGuardia Co-op

The Laguardia Co-op is the flagship location of NYU’s three Student Technology Centers, located at the heart of the Washington Square campus. The Co-op facility is an experimental take on a traditional computer lab experience. With the tagline “Connect & Create,” students from different schools across NYU can use the Co-op collaborate as a group or work individually. More →

3D Scanning and Printing at the ITS Advanced Media Studio

Although 3D scanning and printing technologies have existed for several decades, developments in the last few years have led to much more widespread use. New 3D tools provide a “personal factory” for individuals to easily scan, design, and produce detailed, custom 3D objects such as sculptural pieces, mechanical parts, and product prototypes. More →