• Lab meetings are at 11:00 (unless otherwise noted) on Fridays once or twice a month in the NYU SocioLab (3rd Floor Lounge), at 10 Washington Place.
  • Colloquia and Working Group in Urban Sociolinguistics events are generally Fridays in Room 104, 10 Washington Place.
  • CUNY Sociolinguistics Lunches are held at the CUNY Graduate Center (365 5th Ave) from 2:00pm-4:00pm and are free to attend.

We also occasionally meet during MorphBeerSyntax Brown Bag and PEP Lab to discuss morphological, syntactic, and phonological variation.

This page will be updated as events are added.

Fall 2017:

**Note: Meetings this semester will be from 10:30am-12:00pm.**
9/8: SocioLab Meeting, **10:30am-12:00pm**
9/29: SocioLab Meeting, 11:00am-12:00pm

10/13: SocioLab Meeting, **10:30am-12:00pm**
10/13: Finex Ndhlovu (University of New England) @ CUNY Sociolinguistics Lunch, 2-4pm
10/27: SocioLab Meeting, **10:30am-12:00pm**

11/10: SocioLab Meeting, **10:30am-12:00pm**
11/10: John Singler (NYU) @ CUNY Sociolinguistics Lunch, 2-4pm

12/8: SocioLab Meeting, **10:30am-12:00pm**
12/8: Mayowa Akinlotan (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) @ CUNY Sociolinguistics Lunch, 2-4pm

Spring 2017:

2/10: SocioLab Meeting

2/24: SocioLab Meeting

3/10: SocioLab Meeting
3/31: SocioLab Meeting

3/31: Jullian Cavanaugh (Brooklyn College & GC CUNY) @CUNY Sociolinguistics Lunch, 2:00pm.

4/21: SocioLab Meeting
4/28: Laurel Mackenzie (NYU) @CUNY Sociolinguistics Lunch, 2:00pm.

5/5: SocioLab Meeting

Fall 2016:

9/16: SocioLab Meeting
9/30: Greg Guy (NYU), “Null subjects in Portuguese and Spanish”. @CUNY Sociolinguistics Lunch, Rm. 6496, 2:00

10/14: Sociolab Meeting
10/14: NYU Linguistics Colloquium: Naomi Nagy (University of Toronto) 3:30, Rm. 104
10/21: NWAV Practice Talks
10/21: NYU Linguistics Colloquium: Lenore Grenoble (University of Chicago) 3:30, Rm. 104
10/21: Carina Bauman (NYU alum). @CUNY Sociolinguistics Lunch, Rm. C415A, 2:00.

11/4: Juan Rodriguez (Queens College), “The National Anthem in Warao: Semiotic ground and performative affordances of indigenous language texts in Venezuela”. @CUNY Sociolinguistics Lunch, Rm. 6496, 2:00
11/18: Sociolab Meeting
11/18: Lubie Grujicic-Alatriste (NYC College of Technology). @CUNY Sociolinguistics Lunch, Rm. 6496, 2:00

12/9: Sociolab Meeting