Recent Work

Dissertations in Progress:

Emily Nguyen: Ethnicity and Locality: Linguistic Variation and Practices among a Vietnamese American Student Group
Natalie Povilonis de VilchezBeyond the Monolith: Documenting Ideologically-Conditioned Variation for Chanka Quechua Language Maintenance
Allison Shapp: Language and Identity: A Sociolinguistic Study of the Online and Offline Speech of Teenage Long Islanders

Recent Qualifying Papers:

  Natalie Povilonis de Vilchez Inter and intraspeaker variation in articulatory conflict resolution: Vowel lowering and consonant  place adaptation in Chanka Quechua
  Mary Robinson Wh-all in American English: A sociolinguistic investigation of syntactic variation
  Isaac Bleaman Language maintenance in the big city: The sociophonetics of New York Yiddish
  Dan Duncan Phonetic evidence problematizing the proposed speech island around St. Louis, Missouri
  Zack Jaggers Practicing what the party preaches: The influence of attitudes and ideologies on loanword variation and adaptation
  Natalie Povilonis de Vilchez Linguistic and social constraints on minority language variation: The case of the uvular phoneme in Chanka Quechua
  Marie-Eve Bouchard Popular Brazilian Portuguese Through Capoeira: From Local to Global
  Marie-Eve Bouchard Negation in Popular Brazilian Portuguese: A variationist analysis
  Allison Shapp Variation in the Use of Twitter Hashtags
  Nicole Holliday “So You Black or What?”: An Analysis of the Role of Prosodic & Morphosyntactic Variation in Biracial Identity Construction
  Nate LaFave Perception of Regional Dialect Differences Within Individual Lexical Items
  Carina Bauman Social Evaluation of Asian Accented English
  Luiza Newlin-Lukowicz TH-stopping in New York City English: Substrate effect turned ethnic marker?
  Nate LaFave A Morphophonological Investigation of English Adjective Gradation. Perception of regional dialect differences within individual lexical items.
  Emily Nguyen The urban/rural distinction: Monophthongal (ow) in Minnesota


Recent Dissertations:

  Zack Jaggers A Combined Sociolinguistic and Experimental Phonetic Approach to Loanword Variation and Adaptation
  Isaac Bleaman Linguistic Outcomes of Language Maintenance: Yiddish in New York
  Daniel Duncan Language Variation and Change in the Geographies of Suburbs
  Marie-Eve Bouchard Linguistic Variation and Change in the Portuguese of São Tomé
  Libby Coggshall Short-a in the Sixth Borough: A Sociophonetic Analysis of a Complex Phonological System in Jersey City
  Nicole Holliday Intonational Variation, Linguistic Style, and the Black/Biracial Experience
  Nate LaFave Video Gamers and the Linguistic Navigation of Collaborative Virtual Environments
  Carina Bauman Speaking of Sisterhood: Language and Identity in an Asian American Sorority
  Luiza Newlin-Lukowicz Ethnicity, L1 interference, and sound change in New York City
   Cara Shousterman  Speaking English in Spanish Harlem: Language Change in Puerto Rican English
   Amy Wong  Diverse Linguistic Resources and Multidimensional Identities: A Study of the Linguistic and Identity Repertoires of Second Generation Chinese Americans in New York City
  Danny Erker  Re-thinking the Sociolinguistic Analysis of variable coda /s/ weakening: An instrumental acoustic-phonetic approach
  Sonya Fix  Gender, ideology, and the negotiation of the racial(ized)self through language among white women with black social networks
   Simanique Moody  Language Contact and Regional Variation: A Study of Southeast Georgia
  Marcos Rohena-Madrazo Sociophonetic Variation in the Production and Perception of Obstruent Voicing in Buenos Aires Spanish