Recent Work

Dissertations in Progress:

Marie-Eve Bouchard–Linguistic Variation and Change in the Portuguese of São Tomé
Emily Nguyen–Ethnicity and Locality: Linguistic Variation and Practices among a Vietnamese American Student Group
Allison Shapp–Language and Identity: A Sociolinguistic Study of the Online and Offline Speech of Teenage Long Islanders
Dan Duncan–Language Variation and Change in the Geographies of Suburbs
Zack Jaggers–A Combined Sociolinguistic and Experimental Phonetic Approach to Loanword Variation and Adaptation
Isaac Bleaman–Linguistic Outcomes of Language Maintenance: Yiddish in New York

Recent Qualifying Papers:

Isaac Bleaman Language maintenance in the big city: The sociophonetics of New York Yiddish
Dan Duncan Phonetic evidence problematizing the proposed speech island around St. Louis, Missouri
Zack Jaggers Practicing what the party preaches: The influence of attitudes and ideologies on loanword variation and adaptation
Natalie Povilonis de Vilchez Linguistic and social constraints on minority language variation: The case of the uvular phoneme in Chanka Quechua
Marie-Eve Bouchard Popular Brazilian Portuguese Through Capoeira: From Local to Global
Marie-Eve Bouchard Negation in Popular Brazilian Portuguese: A variationist analysis
Allison Shapp Variation in the Use of Twitter Hashtags
Nicole Holliday “So You Black or What?”: An Analysis of the Role of Prosodic & Morphosyntactic Variation in Biracial Identity Construction
Nate LaFave Perception of Regional Dialect Differences Within Individual Lexical Items
Carina Bauman Social Evaluation of Asian Accented English
Luiza Newlin-Lukowicz TH-stopping in New York City English: Substrate effect turned ethnic marker?
Nate LaFave A Morphophonological Investigation of English Adjective Gradation. Perception of regional dialect differences within individual lexical items.
Emily Nguyen The urban/rural distinction: Monophthongal (ow) in Minnesota

Recent Dissertations:

Libby Coggshall Short-a in the Sixth Borough: A Sociophonetic Analysis of a Complex Phonological System in Jersey City
Nicole Holliday Intonational Variation, Linguistic Style, and the Black/Biracial Experience
Nate LaFave Video Gamers and the Linguistic Navigation of Collaborative Virtual Environments
Carina Bauman Speaking of Sisterhood: Language and Identity in an Asian American Sorority
Luiza Newlin-Lukowicz Ethnicity, L1 interference, and sound change in New York City
 Cara Shousterman  Speaking English in Spanish Harlem: Language Change in Puerto Rican English
 Amy Wong  Diverse Linguistic Resources and Multidimensional Identities: A Study of the Linguistic and Identity Repertoires of Second Generation Chinese Americans in New York City
Danny Erker  Re-thinking the Sociolinguistic Analysis of variable coda /s/ weakening: An instrumental acoustic-phonetic approach
Sonya Fix  Gender, ideology, and the negotiation of the racial(ized)self through language among white women with black social networks
 Simanique Moody  Language Contact and Regional Variation: A Study of Southeast Georgia
Marcos Rohena-Madrazo Sociophonetic Variation in the Production and Perception of Obstruent Voicing in Buenos Aires Spanish