Welcome to Gallatin!

Hello there! Congratulations on your admission and welcome to Gallatin. We are so looking forward to working with you as you develop an individualized, interdisciplinary concentration over the coming semesters.

This site is meant to help you prepare for your pre-registration discussion with a faculty adviser. It will also guide you through your registration for Fall 2018 courses and help you understand what to expect during Welcome Week and beyond.

To get you started, here is a brief overview of the registration process for incoming first-year Gallatin students:

*Note: There is no spoken dialogue in this video. You may view or download a transcript of Registration: An Overview.

STEP 1:  Activate your NYU account

STEP 2:  Complete the Pre-Registration Interests Survey

Please complete the survey by May 14 at 12pm Eastern Time. Your answers will help us pair you with a Pre-Registration Adviser.

STEP 3:  Read through the Academic Resource Guide, your one-stop shop for all Gallatin policies and procedures, and learn about the Concentration and Interdisciplinary Study

STEP 4:  Read the course descriptions for your required First-Year Program Courses: the First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar and the First-Year Writing Seminar

STEP 5:  Learn how to use Albert

Set aside time to go through the Albert registration guides to learn how to search for classes; validate classes; enroll in classes; and swap classes once enrolled

STEP 6:  Schedule an advising appointment with your assigned Pre-Registration adviser

You should expect to receive your Pre-Registration Adviser’s name and contact information on or around May 17. Please reach out as soon as possible or use the calendar link, if one has been provided, to find a time to speak.

STEP 7:  Discuss your Fall 2018 plans and receive feedback and advice from your Pre-Registration Adviser

You should plan on speaking with your assigned Pre-Registration Adviser between May 18 and May 24. Unless you can easily get to campus, your conversation will take place by phone or Skype/Google Hangout. Please make sure you are prepared for the discussion: take time in advance of your scheduled appointment to consider your interests and how you might begin realizing them at Gallatin, to put together a list of some classes of potential interest, and to pose any questions or concerns you might have. Of course your adviser will likely have suggestions for you, and you need not–indeed, should not–have set your plans in stone. But it’s well worth remembering that the most productive conversations happen when you have prepared for them. (Take this as your first Gallatin commandment: it will serve you well in your classes and in your future adviser interactions!)

STEP 8:  Submit a Plan of Study reflecting your discussion with your pre-registration adviser

The Plan of Study should be submitted no later than 5pm Eastern Time on May 24 in order to ensure that you can be cleared to register once incoming first-year Gallatin students are eligible to do so.

STEP 9:  Register for Fall 2018 classes on Thursday, May 31 at 1pm Eastern Time

Please make sure that the Adviser Approval Hold no longer appears on your record to ensure that you will be able to register at your assigned enrollment date and time.

STEP 10:  Complete the Advising Questionnaire

In order to make it possible for the Office of Advising to match you with a primary faculty adviser, with whom you will work throughout your time at Gallatin, please make sure to fill out and submit an Advising Questionnaire once you have submitted the Plan of Study. You should complete this crucial requirement by June 1.

Contact your First-Year Class Adviser Yevgeniya Traps with any questions or concerns after May 31!