As you prepare for registration, please take a moment to update your information, including your own contact info and your emergency contact info, in your Student Center. Now, check for registration holds: until your adviser approves your Plan of Study, you will have an Adviser Approval hold on your account, but there may also be other holds you will need to address before you will be formally able to register; if you are unsure about how to handle a hold or whether it will impact your ability to register, please be in touch with Yevgeniya Traps.

Make sure, as you search for classes, to place all courses you are considering for the fall in your “shopping cart” and make sure to use the “validate” feature, which should alert you to any potential problems with registering for a class, including time conflicts and missing pre-requisites. In some cases, you will, when validating, receive an error message, indicating that you have not met the pre-requisite for a course, though you may believe that you have in fact satisfied the requirement. For example, if you are planning on using an AP or other advanced standing score for placement, be advised that Albert has no way of recognizing qualifying scores, and you will thus need to be in touch with the relevant department to obtain permission numbers and/or special authorization to register. You may also need or wish to take a placement exam: in such cases, it may be necessary to register for a placeholder course—typically, a more introductory class in the department—until you are able to register for a course determined to be level-appropriate by exam.

After you have discussed your fall course options with your Pre-Registration Adviser, you must submit the Plan of Study, reflecting a realistic plan that represents your advising conversation and your understanding of first-semester requirements, for your adviser’s approval. Please do not submit this form until after you have discussed your course selections with your Pre-Registration Adviser, and make sure to pay particular attention to your Pre-Registration Adviser’s instructions about the Plan of Study submission. Generally, you should include, on the Plan of Study form, the best-case registration scenario, but your adviser may ask you to include other options, and it’s essential that you follow the agreed upon procedure. You will receive an email from Gallatin’s Office of Student Services confirming that you have been cleared to register upon submission of your Pre-Registration Adviser’s approval. Should there be any need for revision and/or a follow-up conversation, your Pre-Registration Adviser will let you know.

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