Mission Statement

Over this ten week program, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the oppressions that domestic workers in Spain. At this point, I have already worked in the United States with an organization called Domestic Workers United, or DWU. At DWU, I was able gain a deeper insight to the struggles that domestic workers in the United States, specifically New York City, face. Overall, I hope to find the same sort of understanding of the plights of the women of Servicio Domestico Activo, or SEDOAC. I hope to gain knowledge and understanding from SEDOAC, and part of that knowledge and understanding for me will be learning what I can contribute. I feel as though I have learned to take a backseat in discussions of oppression and privilege, and I do not wish to presume what SEDOAC could need from me. I sincerely hope that part of this experience will involve me learning what I could contribute to them in a meaningful way that does not overstep my place as an outsider.

Throughout this experience, I also hope to improve my research skills, especially research that does not involve purely academic readings. I feel as though in the past, I have usually limited myself to an analysis of purely academic books and articles, and I would like to be able to branch out beyond that to be able to flesh out my skills in other areas of research. I also want to develop my ability to assimilate easily into unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations, and I think being a total outsider both in Spain and in the context of SEDOAC will give me practice to do just that. I think the easiest part of  this experience will be the academic research and increasing my content knowledge of the issues surrounding domestic workers’ rights. I am most comfortable with academic research, and I believe that this part should not prove too challenging for me. I truly think the experience with SEDOAC outside of the academic research sphere will prove much more challenging, and I am eager to face that challenge head on.

Lastly, I hope to improve my abilities in cross-cultural communication. I already have some experience in this area, but I think my time with SEDOAC will bring me to another level. I believe that this cross-cultural communication will not only strengthen me personally and academically, but will also strengthen and deepen my research for this fellowship. I think that although this summer may be a very challenging experience for me, it will also allow me to grow, and to gain new skills that would have otherwise been unavailable to me.

Overall, I hope to research on the current problems that domestic workers in Spain face through SEDOAC, and to use the academic component of my research to research on the roots and reasons for these oppressions throughout Spain. I believe that my experiences with SEDOAC will allow me to develop these skills, and I am excited to push forward and grow as an academic, professional, and person throughout this summer.