In The News: Poetry, Puritans, Politicians and more!

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Our Daily Links: Real Authentic Edition

A statement on the global economy by “a rather small office in the Roman Curia” is causing some interesting commentary–by George Weigel, EJ Dionne and Talk to Action’s Greg Metzger.  At issue is the question: who speaks for the Pope?

Former Revealer managing editor, Kathryn Joyce, is sourced in an article about corporal punishment and Christianity.  The article examines a number of abuse cases in the US that have led to the deaths of children, including the influence of Michael Pearl’s book, Training up a Child. (Here’s a related NYT article.)

Is Socialism the same as Mormonism?  You know, not godly? Continue Reading →

Of Football, God, & Twitter

Elissa Lerner: Unless you’re a Buffalo Bills fan, you might have missed an epic dropped pass by Bills receiver Stevie Johnson this past Sunday, which would have been a game-winning touchdown in overtime to beat the Steelers. In a tweet heard round the world (and possibly beyond), a devastated Johnson blamed God for the failure. But yesterday, Johnson clarified his tweet was not meant to blame God, just to ask “why.” A nice gesture perhaps, but God seems to have settled in Eagles QB Michael Vick’s corner this NFL and holiday season. Vick’s God-fearing tweets and speeches have coincided with a spectacular, if controversial, return. As some have speculated, God does forgive. Continue Reading →