Catholic Attitude

My mail item of the week award goes to New Oxford Review, based in Berkeley California, for their stunning subscription mailer.  The oversized envelope shows a 6 inch image of a Catholic Crusader, circa, well, the Crusades.  To his right is the one inch, all capital letters, “CATHOLIC ATTITUDE.”  I’ve got it pasted to my office door!  Here’s an excerpt from the four page letter:

The Catholic revolution, like Lenin’s and Castro’s revolutions, has been a monumental flop.  Of course, the pompous poo-bahs and radical apparatchiks who have taken hold of our parish councils, diocesan bureaucracies, and national publications refuse to recognize the obvious–they think the ’60s never ended.  Still trying to be cool cats, they’re so cool they’re frozen in a time warp.

Mercifully, God’s frozen people are thawing out.  Where’s the fire and dynamism in the Church today?  Among orthodox Catholics!

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