Bomb Throwers and Hall Monitors

By Jeff Sharlet

Mark Silk, an eminent scholar of religion, politics, and journalism, takes issue with my Casting Stones post on the how the press is re-arranging its account of Obama’s ascent now that his victory is assured:

Jeff Sharlet is guest-blogging on Beliefnet, and at the end of his most recent post writes:

The new media narrative, in which the Wright controversy will go down as a speed bump on the path to power, is evidence that they believe they have rid the candidate of his demons. But all they really did was banish any serious conversation about relationship between religion and politics – the good, the bad, and the ugly — from the public square.

I find this jejune. The media as such don’t believe anything, and aren’t exactly doing anything.

You can read the rest of Mark’s post at his blog, “Spiritual Politics,” a terrific resource for serious thinking on these matters — except, of course, when Mark disagrees with me!

In such situations, there is no more mature a response than: I know you are, but what am I? Here’s my version…