This Guy!

Jesse Sunenblick, a former Revealer, writes: “i know you’re probably sick of the subject, but you should write about this guy. he is a wacky American creation: an Indian weened on the Brady Bunch (hence the nickname “Bobby”), who converted to Catholicism, and whose possible introduction into the presidential race smacks of racial profiteering. he’s more American than 99 percent of the Americans we know.” “This guy” is Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, a frontrunner in McCain’s VP-stakes — and, according to the New York Times, in bed with the Louisiana Family Council, offshoot of James Dobson’s Focus on the Family empire. What was that the press was saying about the Christian RIght being dead? / UPDATE: Why hasn’t the story of an exorcism Bobby Jindal helped perform, according to his own account, broken out beyond the New Orleans blogosphere? Is this a case of the press censoring that which it deems too weird? / UPDATE 2: Dr. Richard Sloan, author of Blind Faith: The Unholy Alliance of Religion and Medicine, writes The Revealer: “the interesting link to Bobby Jindal’s religious history concludes that he was conceived in India and born in Baton Rouge. Since according to the religious right and by Jindal’s own views, life begins at conception, is Jindal a native born American? If he is a nominee for vice president, doesn’t he repudiate those views? Or are they merely politically expedient?”