08 July 2004 Daily Links

The Solid Rock Cruisers, a Christian car club based in Auburn, Washington, will hold their annual “Believe in the Son” car show this Saturday.

“‘It’s as if (Christian stores) have been playing college football, and at halftime, they came back to the field to see–whoa!–the NFL has showed up, and is interested in playing on our field,'” said Bill Anderson, president of Christian Booksellers Association International. Consumer interest in religious books and other products is at an all-time high, reports Mary Byrne of the Religion News Service .

Ag, shame: Mbulawa Moyo of South Africa’s Financial Gazette scolds a group of Zimbabwean “rogue nuns” from the Little Community of our Blessed Lady order, for illegallyoccupying white-owned farmland and for aligning themselves with the pro-Mugabe Zanu PF party.

“As he makes the case for string theory, we can almost hear Keats in the background whispering ‘beauty is truth, truth beauty.'” Amanda Schaffer takes on the “quasi-spiritual shtick” of pop-physicist Brian Greene.

Darrell Issa, the Republican congressman from Vista, CA, who inadvertently bankrolled Arnold’s ascendance in an attempt to sieze the governorship for himself, appears to have set his sights considerably lower: a 3 foot by 4 foot plaque of “In God We Trust” for the Oceanside, CA, City Hall. But for Issa’s involvement, the plaque might be standard-fare small town church/state confusion — were it not for the “shrieks of joy” that accompanied the city council’s resolution adopting the motto. “Shrieks of joy”? For real? Well, whatever turns you on…

“Virtually every city,” writes Joel Kotkin in The LA Times, “whether in California, Mexico, Iraq or China — retains at some very basic level an intimate tie to religion.” Which is why, he says, the cross should remain in the L.A. seal, a tribute not so much to Christianity as to urbanism…

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