Student Reflections on Crevices of Power Event

On September 21st, MSGA students, Caro Confort, Jacquelyn Easterwood, and Tannaz Zafarnia, supported by Professor Sylvia Maier, organized and presented Crevices of Power: Women’s Health & the Patriarchy, a series of panel discussions on local and global women’s health issues and their impacts. 

“We put this event together because we believe women and we believe in women. We wanted to elevate the voices of the women working so hard for equity all over the world and to let them guide us in our fight for women’s global health. We felt that talking frankly and candidly about things like abortion, sex, and periods would encourage others to do the same, shattering the damaging stigmas that seek to stifle us.” -Caro Confort 

“At a time when women’s health and reproductive rights are threatened, Crevices of Power created a space to address crucial aspects of women’s sexual health that aren’t often discussed in the classroom. I’ve focused much of my graduate school research on menstrual hygiene management (MHM), so I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to plan and moderate the MHM panel. It’s so important to talk about menstrual health as it directly relates to education, protection, WASH, health, etc., yet is often overlooked in development and humanitarian interventions.” – Jacquelyn Easterwood 

“I feel so fortunate to have co-created and co-hosted “Crevices of Power” with two of my extraordinary classmates–each of us with different specialized interests in women’s health. With intersections of social, political, and economic inequalities that determine a woman’s capacity to obtain reproductive health care services, we need to critically examine what barriers currently exist in women’s reproductive and maternal health, and partner together in activism and advocacy, to ensure our lawmakers adopt policies that grant and protect the ability of every woman to determine their own reproductive destiny. “Crevices of Power” was a great start, but we certainly have a lot more work to do.” -Tannaz Zafarnia

Reproductive & Maternal Health

Menstrual Hygiene Management

Sex Culture in America


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Faculty Updates

Adjunct professor Dr. Kevin Chen and Professor Bruno Sergi of Harvard University co-authored a chapter: How Can Fintech Remake Russia’s Development? in Exploring the Future of Russia’s Economy and Markets: Towards Sustainable Economic Development,by Publisher:Emerald Publishing Limited in November 2018.


Adjunct professor Todd Walters co-authored a chapter with Saleem H. Ali entitled The Experiential Peacebuilding Cycle: Grassroots Diplomacy, Environmental Education, and Environmental Norms in the edited book Peace Ethology: Behavioral Processes and Systems of Peace. Prof. Walters has partnered with the CGA in the past on the Global Field Intensive course to Costa Rica and Panama, and is excited to be teaching Conflict Assessment this fall. 


Professor Jennifer Trahan attended, from August 26-29, with CGA students Taylor Ackerman, Alejandro Hoyos and Yara Sayegh the Twelfth International Humanitarian Law Dialogs, on Lake Chautauqua New York. The conference hosts the various international and hybrid criminal tribunal prosecutors for 2 1/2 days of lectures on topics of international justice. NYU Center for Global Affairs is a co-sponsor of the Dialogs.

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