The Fall 2019 Schedule is Now Live!

Click here to see the Fall 2019 MSGA schedule. Registration opens Monday, April 15th!

United Nations: NY Field Intensive Summer Course

Interested in learning about the United Nations? Apply for our new United Nations intensive course offering this summer!

Priority Application Deadline: April 15th, 2019

This three-week long New York-based UN intensive course begins with introductory lectures during the first week that provide details of the genesis, evolution, and functions of the UN system and agencies, as well as the contemporary challenges facing the world body. The second week of the program will be devoted to visits to key UN institutions and agencies and, briefings by senior UN officials, diplomats and, representatives of UN-related think tanks and civil society organizations. The final week will be devoted to policy presentations by students on how to address a specific challenge faced by the UN. Read more.



Spring 2019 Preview highlight:

  • The Fall 2019 launch of a NEW Masters program in Global Security, Conflict,
    and Cybercrime (MSGSCC)

For nearly 15 years, CGA has focused on anticipating, analyzing, and forming solutions to pressing global challenges. The development of a MSGA Concentration in Transnational Security in 2008 strengthened the graduate program’s focus on transnational crime, terrorism, and security threats as they relate to global affairs. Now, technology and globalization have altered war, from cyber, to nonlinear warfare, to unmanned and autonomous weapons, to terrorists’ use of social media, encryption, and the Dark Web. Great power (or even civil) conflicts may be as much enacted via cyber-attacks and disinformation campaigns as through drone or biological/chemical
weapon attacks.

In response to the changing landscape of global security issues, Divisional Dean Vera Jelinek and Academic Director Carolyn Kissane consulted with faculty and industry insiders to develop a full
masters program examining these topics, and CGA is launching a MS in Global Security, Confict, and Cybercrime (MSGSCC) this fall after two years of curricular development and review.

Find out more CGA-Preview-Spring2019


NEW Specialization in Data Analytics

In addition to their choice of concentration, MSGA students are now able to attain a “Specialization in Data Analytics.” The purpose of this specialization is to equip students with concrete data-analytic skills that will both benefit them throughout their coursework and thesis/capstone projects, as well as signal to prospective employers that a student is capable of using computer software to manage, analyze and present data.  To learn more about the specialization and course requirements, click here.