Last Call: Apply by 12/17 for GFI in Oaxaca, Mexico!

  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Learn from Ixtlan de Juarez indigenous community about their approach to conflict and violence
  • Experience connections between environment, peace/conflict, governance and community in Oaxaca

In this new collaboration Outward Bound Peacebuilding, students are invited to join a 9-day field intensive program that will strengthen their applied/experiential peacebuilding and conflict transformation skills, develop their leadership capacity and give them time to reflect on peacebuilding from four entry points; self, other, community, environment. Setting the program in the Oaxaca State of Mexico offers a unique opportunity to explore the contours and outcomes of culture and conflict from local government, academic, civil society and indigenous perspectives and practices. Students will spend time exploring Oaxaca City as well as hiking and camping in the spectacular Sierra Juarez Mountain range – one of the last remaining Cloud Forests in Central America.  


NEW Specialization in Data Analytics

In addition to their choice of concentration, MSGA students are now able to attain a “Specialization in Data Analytics.” The purpose of this specialization is to equip students with concrete data-analytic skills that will both benefit them throughout their coursework and thesis/capstone projects, as well as signal to prospective employers that a student is capable of using computer software to manage, analyze and present data.  To learn more about the specialization and course requirements, click here.



Graduate Thesis and Capstone Project Enrollment Request Deadline (EXTENDED):   Monday, November 5, 2018

Students must obtain advisor approval on their Graduate Thesis /Capstone Agreement AND submit a 1000 word Thesis/Capstone research proposal (refer to the “Research Proposal Structure” document) via the online form on the MSGA Thesis page. Please DO NOT submit a hard copy of the document. Details about changes in the requirements for thesis projects are TBA.