A recommendation of the Superblock Stewardship Advisory Committee and generously supported by Provost Katherine E. Fleming, NYU Faculty Housing Happenings are a series of free community events designed to celebrate our outdoor spaces on the superblocks, build community among faculty housing residents, and provide activities appealing to all audiences. NYU Faculty Housing Happenings Events organized by Erin Donnelly, Community Liaison are made possible with the leadership of Erin Lynch, Assistant Vice President, NYU Faculty Housing. Special thanks to Deborah Sataloff, NYU Faculty Housing Administrator. See a video or our February 8, 2019 Lunar New Year Celebration! 

World Cup: July 2018 Fall Family Fest: Oct 2017 Open Level Yoga: Sept 2018

Backyard Picnic: June 2018

Creative Research Performance: May 2018

MMNY: June 2018 Field Day: June 2018

Dino Egg Hunt: March 2018

For more information, please contact facultyhousing.events@nyu.edu or 646-997-9986.

Unless indicated otherwise, events are for residents of NYU Faculty Housing
who must provide valid identification if requested by management.