After talking to many people about our initial idea and getting feedback from everyone, we re-evaluated our project and thought it was not very suitable for this p-comp final. Therefore, we adjusted our plan and conceptual focus.

This essay credit to Carol Chen.

WEEK3-Pcomp & Observation

In this video, I made a circuit control by a Potentiometer.

In this video, I made a circuit control by a photoresistor.


This week I chose the elevator in Tisch as my observation object. Since I came to ITP, the elevator buttons in the Tisch building confuses me all the time. Every day, I saw that there are so many people waiting for the elevator, but they push the button again and again at the same time, not because they are catching the time, but are they cannot see clearly dose the button is activated or not. 

Then I began my observation by sitting in the waiting area in ITP, during this time,I have been observed people will push the button, even the individuals out there already pushed.

I found that the light in button are so dim, even in the night time, still, is hard to see it clearly.  Plus, there are no guide signs that show which floors are the elevator in. (I understand that because this is an old building~)

Pcomp Week2

Physical Computing Week2

In this video, I made a simple circuit control by a single switch.  

In this video, I made the lab covered in the class –  three switches in parallel.

Study switch!

I attached two tinfoils on the screen and keyboard and connect them to two red LEDs. When closing the laptop it will turn on the light. This installation uses to remind me to study. Do not distract from other things.