D2D – Week4

For this week assignment, I use the farm database on InfluxDB, here are some of my tries:

Explain the differences between the InfluxDB and TimescaleDB and query results.

  • TimescaleDB is a relational database, while InfluxDB is more of a custom.
  • TimescaleDB is full SQL support, while InfluxDB is more of completely custom languages (sometimes known as “NoSQL”).


Week one – Kinetic Exercise

This week Kemi, Rashida and I are working on how to create a kinetic exercise. After watching the video on the Energy class website, I start to use the motor to create light. In the beginning, I used a 130 mini motor to connect to LED and spin it in both directions, nothing happened. Then, I used to use the step motor, LED did light up. The fun fact is that Yunzi told me, he found out there are 5 pins on a step motor and no matter which two pins LED connected to, it will all light up.

What is more, inspiring by the video that Kemi found, we are tried to use another way to create light. But the LED did not light up. And we use a bulb, it still did not work out. Two possibilities we thought are our magnet not strong enough or the bulb are way too big not like the one using in the video.

And Rashida also found the reading material related to the reason why magnet can light up the bulb and a very interest video that mention an author way to create light https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7Sz8oT8ou0 

Anination – Final/Unreal

This week I collaborated with Chenyu sun and Wenjing Liu for this final work. Unreal is totally new for me, it is kind of a challenge to use it to create an animation. Chenyu had experience about using 3D scan and itSeez3D software. Therefore, we base on Chenyu previous work and make adaptation on it. 

Our story is about a Waterman who keeps chasing his dream and finding his goal. This illusory world is full of water and the mirror, which reflect helplessness and borderlessness. The Waterman is running, he is in a strange circle, only by insisting can he achieve success.

Here is Chenyu’s blog, click to check more detail: https://chenyusun.com/animation-ae-final

ICM – Final Project (Hotpot.js)


Click to watch our video: https://vimeo.com/304576464

Click to check our sketch:  https://editor.p5js.org/zw2043/sketches/By9U7OmyE

Hotpot.js is an interface that visualizes emotion for a community of people. We started this project with an interest in visualizing human emotion. Rather than generating abstract graphics from data, we wanted to create an interaction that is funny and relevant to our daily life. We explored the relationship of emotion and food. Through food, we hope to introduce another dimension of sense, taste, into the experience.

The interface asks users to choose their feeling. Each feeling is relevant to a food, such as dancing chicken, hippy green onion, and sexy apple. When the user clicks an emotion button, the corresponding food will drop down and sink into the hotpot. At the bottom of the interface, there is a recipe of the current flavor of the hotpot.

We imagined this project to be installed at a location that many people passes by. As the day passes by, we can see the emotion of the community through the hotpot recipe of the day.