Annie’s Washington Square Gallery

Welcome to Annie’s Washington Square Gallery! I hope you will enjoy the beauty and mystery of the controversial but immensely popular medium of expression that is street art! Take a while to meander through the streets of Greenwich Village around Washington Square Park and allow yourself to contemplate the obscurity, ambiguity, and allure these images hold. I, myself, greatly admire this form of art because it is entirely “accessible” or available to the public. It is one with the city and the people, representative of its wants, beliefs, ideals, and citizens. It is oftentimes casual, spontaneous, and sporadic, and can also be planned, entirely skillful, and intricate. Enjoy!!

Street Art holds a great amount of magic and enchantment for me. It is an absolutely wonderful and serendipitous thing to come upon little works of art on the harsh concrete or city walls of New York City. Art envelops us here, especially in the Village, and allows the mind to ponder its meaning and purpose. Why is it here? What is its “agenda”? Is it simply self-promotion, or is it meant to be a part of the whole of city itself? What exactly did the artist wish to convey, if anything? Please comment your thoughts on this gallery and the many amazing works that comprise it. ~Annie

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