We are pleased to present the latest addition to the Online West 4th Street Review, which offers (and will continue to offer) some fine material which could not fit into the print edition.

Please let us know what you think: email us at sp1@nyu.edu

Happy Spring!

Stephen Policoff, Faculty Editor & Advisor









This site represents a pilot program for a digital version of The W. 4th Street Review, the literary magazine of Liberal/Global Liberal Studies.

We will, we hope, be curating a Fall and a Winter version of this online site. This does not supersede the print version of the magazine, which usually (if we are fortunate) is published shortly before the end of the academic year, but rather is meant to be an addition to, an enhancement of the print version. Some pieces from the online site may end up in the print version as well, but writers and artists can submit to both versions.

We envision the online version to be more open to works-in-progress, to longer works which may not fit well into the print version, and to hybrid/experimental works. There will also be more opportunity to publish color photographs, and other kinds of artwork.

This site is open to students and alumni of Liberal/Global Liberal Studies.

Please see submission guidelines for additional information.