that is not the right word for what you are trying to say  by  Coco Fitterman


the body God gave me is too small

I was on Twitter DM last night

talking to C

who said he felt amazing


I feel ok

I only prayed to God once

asked Him to make me taller

to go to the party

to go to the cool party

from my bedroom it is

12:20 in new york on a friday

and you know the rest

mothers of America   

i see you molding clay

because clay is a




A concomitance

working with the hands

welcome to the pull

welcome to the pool

welcome to the thing

that never fucking dies

once T drank ten beers

after track practice

then he raped A

T is a texture

A is centering

A is still centering

A is aligned

in perfect arabesque

there was something else

i was going to say

but then I turned 20

in public I put on

my art world for you

for all of you

when I was 19

i am still 19

            in my heart

            in my soul

you are my best friend

i am only as strong as my weakest




i am hurt

in the way

a ballerina

gets hurt

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