and indeed she ‘falls’ and indeed they cannot ‘bear’ it


                                                                        Coco Fitterman



there are things

you can’t buy online

but when you dream

you can find them

in other people


i dream about a castle

six white horses

what was that poem

about horses in the ocean

something about AIDS


i hate AIDS

i miss my gay uncle

eastern european grandeur

  1. petersburg’s version

of The Cock on a friday

i forgot what this party is called

i left my phone

in a place

where older dykes cruise

i shook Eileen’s hand

i don’t care about anything


i can’t afford

the new iPhone

i have to look at your pics

on a smaller screen

tears smudge my cursive

reading Lorca

in the Hamptons

at my married friend’s lake house

basking in

the softness of day

that comes with wealth

the friend who used

to let me fuck her in college

on top like a boy

domesticity suits her

what’s that ashbery line

about truth

it passes on, whether you leave it

       in   or    out,       out

or      in

there are things

you can’t get from a poem

even if it is very beautiful

i’m not so jaded

i truly feel moved

there is a well

in chelsea market


    when I’m seeing shows

i visit it

  look into its dark waters

yesterday I saw some paintings

        i felt    nothing

maybe paintings should

paint themselves one    half – – word    at a time


when the camera pans

      a painting of water

      a fluidity of motion


you sent me a screenshot

of your see-saw map

           should’ve been a dick pic






that           concussed champion



sounds   like a guy


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