Training Resources

Hindi Urdu Pedagogy Master’s at Kean University         ◊        Training Resources: Hindi

A. Language-Specific Resources:

1. ACTFL Speaking  Proficiency Guidelines for UrduThe Urdu Guidelines were prepared by Prof. Tahira Naqvi based on the Hindi Guideline revised in 2014  by Prof. Vijay Gambhir and Prof. Susham Bedi with support from STARTALK@NYU

2. Urdu and Hindi  ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interviews with rating rationales (written in English and audio-recorded in Urdu): Project sponsored by Hagop Kevorkian Center, New York University and STARTALK. The interviews are conducted by ACTFL certified trainers, Susham Bedi and Shaheen Parveen, and by ACTFL certified tester, Rajni Bhargava.  The rationale was developed by Susham Bedi and the audios recorded by Susham Bedi and Tahira Naqvi.

3. World Readiness Standards for Language Learning in Urdu: Mini project developed by  Romeena Kureishy, sponsored by STARTALK@Kean University.

4. STARTALK-Endorsed Principles in Urdu and High Leverage Teaching Practices in Urdu: Mini Projects developed by Romeena Kureishy, sponsored by STARTALK, STARTALK@Kean University and STARTALK@NYU.

5. STARTALK Model Curricula in UrduMini project for school age students including CanDo statements, language targets, performance assessments by mode of communication and activities.

6. Transliteration Conventions Urdu 

7. Student Worksheets in Urdu

8.  Teaching MaterialsMini project designed and developed by teacher-trainees during STARTALK@NYU workshops with support  by Rosanne Zeppieri, curriculum specialist.

9. HLLs vs. FLLs

B. Generic Resources:

1. Rubrics for Evaluating:

2. NCSSFL-ACTFL Global Can-Do Benchmarks

3. ACTFL Performance Descriptors


5. Glossary of Terms

6. Language Functions

7. More Resources (courtesy by Fowdy and Hendrickson)

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