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I. Mini-project (developed by Romeena Kureishy and edited by Iran Arbabi sponsored by STARTALK@NYU)

II. Extended collection (develop for and during STARTALK@NYU workshops)

  • Child Labor for Intermediate Mid/High (developed by Professor Aftab Ahmad)
  • Film Review for Intermediate Range (developed by Professor Tahira Naqvi)
  • Pakistani Home for Novice High Level (based on STARTALK sample lesson plan)
  • Weather/Travel for Novice Mid/High (developed by Rosanne Zeppieri)
  • Celebrations and Homes for Novice level (units include real-life situation-based task, activities and materials, developed by STARTALK@NYU alumni, names listed in documents)
  • Food and Health Topic for Novice level
  • Food Topic for Intermediate level
  • Food and Health Topic for Advanced level

III. Burqa Avenger Materials (developed by Amnah Moghees, Urdu FLTA 2016-2017, NYU)

The following handouts are based on the cartoon Burqa Avenger and provide a variety of literacy activities for Novice and Intermediate level students. The Q/A section in the activities can also be used for oral practice.

IV. Sample Tasks for each mode at each level: