Healthy Foods स्वास्थ्य के लिए अच्छा खाना

A. Proficiency level — Intermediate High/Advanced Low (3X75 min.)

B. Objectives: Differentiated focus — on literacy skills for heritage learners and aural skills for foreign language learners. Students will be able to:

  • ask for and provide information about the health benefits of certain plants and foods
  • discuss orally and in writing the characteristics and qualities of certain plants and foods
  • understand and describe how to prepare and use certain plants for good health
  • compare conventional and traditional understanding of how food is used as treatment
  • explain the health benefits of certain plants and foods


  • relative-correlative sentences:जब तब जितना उतना 
  • use of past participles:पिसा हुआ, मिश्रित किया गया 
  • conditional sentences (यदि + subjunctive, तो + future — e.g. यदि   रोज़ गरम पानी पिया जाए, तो पेट स्वस्थ होगा )
  • use of passive voice (खाया जाता है, पिया जाए, मिश्रण किया जाता है, पाया जाता है , etc.)
  • vocabulary related to the medical field (गुणकारी, नियमित सेवन, स्मरण शक्ति, असमय बुढ़ापा, पाचन, संस्थान, रोग प्रतिरोधक क्षमता)

C. Performance Task: Students work for an NGO and are asked to help with the development of promotional materials on nature-based living and treatment of health issues. Students:

  • explore several audio-visual and text-based resources and select the topics and information they consider relevant and useful
  • work on the final product — an informercial (FLLs) and/or brochure (HLLs) for a specially assigned audience (e.g. school children, college age adults, village community, adult urban residents)
  • participate in a round table discussion/debate about the benefits of natural remedies and present their product vs. conventional treatment.

D. Learning Scenarios

Activity 1. 1.Teacher introduces the topic by having students think-pair-share in a brainstorming session about what they know and can express. Students make a list of useful pharses and share with the class.

1.2. Teacher shares information on one food item मिर्च के ढेरों फायदे and several food items खाद्य पदार्थ जो खराब नहीं होते to model final project. 

Activity 2: Jigsaw. 2.1. In pairs or groups students listen to an assigned video with their ear-sets and take notes.

Conversational Hindi videos:

High register Hindi videos:

2.2. Students use a glossary provided by the teacher and compare notes.

2.3. Students change groups and tell each other about their piece. Each student notes 2 things they learned from their partner’s piece.

Activity 3. In groups students do research by selecting at least two videos from the suggested list and 2 text excerpts. They take notes based on the provided questions.

Resources for research on healthy foods:

Conversational Hindi videos:

High register videos:

Text-based resources:

Activity 4. Students prepare a brochure (HLLs) and/or informercial (FLLs) on 3 healthy plants/foods and their benefits.

Activity 5. 1. For homework students interview Hindi-speaking community members or online partners about 1 natural remedy they know about or use at home. They share in the groups and decide which one to include and why.

5.2. Students choose a topic from the list below and answer the questions. They expand their brochure with that information.

आयुर्वेदिक उपचार:


. मोटापे के लक्षण कौनसे कौनसे हैं?

. मोटापा कम करने के लिए रोज़ क्या लेना है?

) सुबह खाली पेट किस चीज़ में क्या मिलाकर लेना चाहिये ?

) दिन में भोजन में क्या लेना है

) खाना खाने से पहले क्या चबाना है

) और कौनसी चीज़ लेनी है?

. तीन महीने तक क्या लेना है सुबह और शाम को

. बाल झड़ने के क्या क्या कारण हो सकते हैं ?

. इस रोग का प्राकृतिक इलाज कैसे हो सकता है?

. किस चीज़ से बचना है ?

. हिचकी होने के कारण क्या क्या हैं?

. हिचकी के तीन घरेलु उपचार समझाएं।

. खांसी के मुख्य कारण क्या हैं

. खांसी के घरेलू उपचार कौन कौनसे हैं?

Activity 6. Gallery Walk — Students present their products and examine their peers’ products. They note 2 new health related facts.

Activity 7. Debates: 1. In pairs students explore one of the following resources:

7.2. In 2 big groups students prepare  the position they are assigned