Audio-Visual Resources

Audio-Visual Resources: Urdu

Language for Health: health-related videos, transcripts, glossaries and multiple choice questions; project developed in partnership with NYU, director Jishnu Shankar

STARTALK Hindi Audio-Visual Project: videos on diverse topics, each unit has a transcript, glossary and several have lesson plans; project director Rakesh Ranjan

Festivals of India: videos on various festivals in India, including products, practices and perspectives; project director Rakesh Ranjan

Social Justice: video interviews on child labor and girls’ education with children and social workers; project developed for STARTALK@NYU, director Ashok Ojha.

Business Hindi: 48 units on 12 different topics. Materials are collected from Hindi media, Internet as well as business schools. Each unit is supported with pedagogic tools of glossary, grammatical and cultural notes, audio files, and reading comprehension questions as well as additional resources and discussion questions; project director Surendra Gambhir

Rekhta Foundation: collection of Urdu literature in Nastaliq, Devanagari and Roman scripts 


Short Story Reader  (collection prepared by Prof. Aftab Khan


Environment (collection prepared by West-Windsore STARTALK program team)

Film (collection on Indian writers by Sahitya Academy)

Interviews on Rajya Sabha TV (suggested by Shilpa Parnami):

Kids advertisements (suggested by Shilpa Parnami)

Newspaper and literature(collection made by Jishnu Shankar for STARTALK@NYU)