About Virtual Hindi

Virtual Hindi is created to support the study of Hindi at NYU with special focus on the heritage language learners (HLLs). They are the vast majority in our Hindi classes, however, it can be used for foreign language learners (FLLs) as well. Some differentiation strategies are suggested in some of the lesson plans. Also, the site can serve as the basis for self- or independent study as well as by other instructors in face-to-face and online setting.

This website is built on several principles for effective teaching and learning.

It offers teaching and learning modules organized thematically and non-sequentially, useful for students with some background in Hindi (Novice High proficiency level and up). Each module includes:

In addition, it provides links to the original Virtual Hindi (NYU), the Flagship-supported Language for Health (UT Austin), the STARTALK-supported Hindi Audio-Visual Project (Columbia University) and to other sites on the Internet.

Special thanks to Rajni Bhargava, a valuable member of the material and assessment development team at NYU, to Niladri Paul for being so generous and letting us use his magnificent art, to Dinesh Shenoy for offering his Facebook photo collection, Adriana Galabova for creating the visuals for the index page and the storyboards and to Lazaara for letting us use a few of her art pieces.

Note: The website is under continuous expansion and improvement. It is created with support from the Office of Educational Technology, New York University.

© Gabriela Nik. Ilieva, Clinical Professor, Coordinator of South Asian Language Programs, Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies 

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