PCOMP: Final Proposal

Concept: This is a interactive installation inspired by movie 2001: Space Odyssey, directed by Stanely Kubrick. There’s a scene of the AI computer HAL being deactivated by ejecting the chips. During the process, HAL gradually loses his higher brain functions, and returns to its initial state with only computational functionality. In a moment of the … Continue reading PCOMP: Final Proposal

Interactive Tech Obsevation

Confession: I didn’t actually observe something in the week. So I just grab something that I had lots experience and observations before.   Source: https://iychiang1809.blogspot.com/2013/06/blog-post_23.html This is the automatic pay station in most parking lots in Taiwan. Taiwan has lots of great designs, but clearly not this one.  While people are trying to get their … Continue reading Interactive Tech Obsevation

W1: Interactive Design

Though Chris Crawford mentioned some solid points in these two chapters, it was not an pleasant reading experience for me. I don’t appreciate the way he easily draws division between groups, which might be the youngsters who do UI design and sophisticated ones who do interactive design, and criticizes one of which.  Design is undeniably one … Continue reading W1: Interactive Design