Vigil for Peace

New York University Florence and the City of Florence have joined together to organize the commemoration of September 11, 2001 with a celebration of peace. Members of  the public will be invited to read selected texts at a public ‘Vigil for Peace’. Students and Florentine residents from all ethnic and religious backgrounds and nationalities are invited to submit ‘readings for peace’ – texts, song lyrics, poems, or any other written form. Texts can be selected from any cultural tradition and be in any language. Selected submissions will be featured on this website in the lead up to a public reading of the texts at the ‘Florence Vigil for Peace’ on September 12, 2017, followed by the lighting of a candle. The readings and candle lighting will end with a collective moment of silence for all victims who have lost their lives on and since September 11 and a public reaffirmation of our collective commitment to peace and the value and dignity of human life.

Vigil for Peace Announcement Letter