Please join the Environmental Studies Department on November 2nd for an intimate evening discussion with Prof. Daniel Pauly  moderated by the Dept. of Environmental Studies Diversity Committee. We especially welcome our ES students for an evening of food and engagement with Prof. Pauly, who will share his unique career and research experiences and insights.

This excerpt is from a profile of Dr. Pauly in the New York Times:

[Daniel Pauly] was born in 1946 in Paris to a white French mother and a black American father who abandoned the family. When he was 2, Dr. Pauly went on what was supposed to be a short visit to the home of a Swiss family that had recently befriended his struggling young mother. But the family, Dr. Pauly recounted, refused to return him to his mother, telling him that his mother had abandoned him and, he learned later, sending threatening letters to his mother in France. Over the next 14 years, Dr. Pauly said, he endured a bizarre Dickensian childhood… His identity crisis was compounded by being a half-black oddity in an all-white town. He found his solace in books.

And those books (as well as a few people) changed his life. Dr. Pauly is now an accomplished scientist (see attached papers) and a Visiting Distinguished Professor at NYU this semester.
Ample time will be available for student Q&A, and we also encourage our students to share their own diverse perspectives, hopes and aspirations, on work and research in the Environmental Studies-related fields.
Xi’an Famous Foods and refreshments will be served!
When: November 2nd6-7:30 pm
Where: 10th Floor, 285 Mercer Street, Dept. of Environmental Studies
Please RSVP here!! (Very important for food :o) )
See you there!