Instructor: Katie Schneider Paolantonio


Every day, millions of people walk the streets of New York City. But what is happening below those city streets? This is an environmental science course that will investigate the life and resources underneath NYC. The course is divided into three principle modules: energy, transportation, and water (potable and wastewater). For each module, we
Will discuss the mechanics, the history and the significance of the infrastructure from the perspective of environmental scientists. At the end of the course we relate the biotic components of New York’s fascinating dendritic underground environment. This seminar course will integrate classroom learning with practical experience and hands-on application through data collection and field trips. You will be required to pay for your own transport/admission to field trips throughout the semester.

Newtown Creek Field Trip     Newtown Creek Field Trip     Newtown Creek Field Trip     Newtown Creek Field Trip

Syllabus S 2016 NY Underground