APIs and feeds at NYU

APIs and feeds at NYU

This list of open APIs and feeds at NYU updated annually. It was last updated on Mar 26, 2017.

This list is neither official nor complete, nor presented in any particular order. APIs and feeds may change at any time.

Remember that you are bound by all applicable NYU policies, such as the Policy on Responsible Use of NYU Computers and Data.

If you own a service with an open API or feed you’d like to share, email Jim Robertson at jim@nyu.edu.

NYU Events Calendar:

NYU Google Apps:

  • http://email.nyu.edu, http://calendar.nyu.edu, http://drive.nyu.edu, http://groups.nyu.edu, http://sites.nyu.edu
  • NYU Google Apps is a set of online communication and collaboration applications offered to eligible members of the NYU community to facilitate teaching and learning, research, and administrative functions of the University. NYU Google Apps can be divided into two groups: Core Apps (which include NYU Email and Contacts, NYU Calendar, NYU Drive, NYU Groups, NYU Sites, NYU Chat) and Commercial Apps, which include all other Google services, such as Google+, YouTube, Picassa, Google Reader, Blogger, etc. The Core Apps are covered by a special agreement between NYU and Google, so NYU community members will not see advertisements. The Core Apps are sufficiently secure to be used for private documents, such as tenure committee discussions, personal papers, class notes, and scholarly materials provided that you strictly limit the sharing permissions. It is especially easy to use NYU Google Apps to share documents and files with others; therefore, you should take special care to ensure that you do not share documents more broadly than you intend.
  • See: https://developers.google.com/google-apps/app-apis
  • NOTES: Google Apps APIs are available to all clients with an active account. Scripting and the use of client created scripts or API calls is not currently a supported service. However, extensive documentation from Google is available for individuals to create and run scripts against their own NYU Google Apps account.
  • More info: Devin Nix, djn3@nyu.edu; Seung Lee, slee@nyu.edu
  • Last updated:  Mar 26, 2017.

NYU News:

School of Engineering News:

School of Engineering Press Releases:

Gallatin Events:

Gallatin News:

Gallatin Course Search:

IT Security News and Alerts:

Connect:  IT at NYU articles:

NYU Faculty Bibliography from Med, Dental, and Nursing:

Pleiades Gazetter of the Ancient World:

  • http://pleiades.stoa.org
  • Pleiades provides open access to the most comprehensive geospatial dataset for antiquity available today. It already serves as an indispensable component of other important digital humanities projects, ranging from online editions of primary sources for students to expert systems supporting advanced research in fields like archaeology, epigraphy, and numismatics. It also constitutes a core resource for classroom activities focused on ancient geography.
  • API and Documentation at http://api.pleiades.stoa.org/
  • More info:  Tom Elliott (tom.elliott@nyu.edu)
  • NOTE:  Please observe crawl-delay directives when consuming Pleiades JSON resources, as they are database-intensive in the current implementation.
  • Last updated:  Feb 22, 2015

ISAW News:

Steinhardt People Directory:

  • http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/it/data/
  • Steinhardt Public Directory fed from NYU ldap. Ominsearch across all data fields
  • NOTE:  Updated every evening.
  • Last updated:  Feb 22, 2015

NYU LDAP Search:

  • http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/it/data/
  • Public Directory search against NYU LDAP. Search any variation of firstname, lastname, extension, or netid.  Returns raw table.
  • NOTE:  Updated in real-time.
  • Last updated:  Feb 22, 2015