The top picks will be selected from conference papers that have appeared in leading hardware security conferences including but not limited to DAC, DATE, ICCAD, HOST, VLSI Design, CHES, ETS, VTS, ITC, IEEE S&P, Euro S&P, Usenix Security, ASIA CCS, NDSS, ISCA, HASP, MICRO, ASPLOS, HPCA, ACSAC and ACM CCS. The top picks will appear in an IEEE Transactions on CAD special section on “Top Picks in Hardware and Embedded Security.” To reiterate, top picks will span a gamut of topics in hardware, microarchitecture, and embedded security from leading conferences. Shortlist of papers are invited to the “Top Picks” workshop, collocated with ICCAD 2018. Authors are required to present the paper at the workshop. This is mandatory for consideration to be a top pick.  Selected papers are then invited for submission to TCAD Top Picks.