Summer 2015 in Cinema Studies!

Join us starting May 26th, when the first of our 6 Summer 2015 courses begin. There are 3 sessions of summer courses: Session 1A runs May 26-June 13; Session 1B runs June 15-July 2; and Session 2 runs July 6-August 15.
Details for all classes offered this summer can be found on the Tisch Special Programs website.
CINE-UT 247 Espionage Film: Understanding 007
CINE-UT 220 // CINE-GT 2220 Almodovar
CINE-UT 290 // CINE-GT 2005 Close Analysis of Film
CINE-UT 206 // CINE-GT 2202 Films of Stanley Kubrick
CINE-UT 310 Music Video
CINE-UT 393 Summer in the City: NYC On Film

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